Confidence vs. Arrogance: A Theistic Satanist’s Perspective

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Sometimes, during smoke breaks, I like to post about theistic Satanism on relevant forums. This is an interesting exercise, and, in addition, it’s a good way to get the word out about theistic Satanism. On some of the forums where I post, it is very interesting to run into other types of Satanists (mostly LaVeyan/symbolic) who spout more vitriolic rhetoric and dogma than many of the Christians I encounter. I do not wish to make generalizations about symbolic/modern Satanists, as I am sure there are theistic Satanists out there with the same issue, but it seems to me that the symbolic Satanists I encounter (1) hold to dogma more than most while claiming to be open-minded, and (2) exhibit arrogance rather than confidence.

Now, since I really have no problem with dogmatism if one truly believes they understand something and approach others in a respectful manner, my main issue with these forum posters is their arrogant way of approaching a conversation with those with whom they disagree. As I understand practical Satanic philosophy, self-confidence is certainly a virtue, but arrogance is a definite pitfall. There is a wide difference between each of these characteristics. Confidence means that one is sure of their beliefs, and is not really threatened by a challenge. Therefore, the tone of the conversation can be civil and productive. Arrogance means that one is threatened by another’s beliefs, and that the arrogant person does not respect the free will of the other person in a conversation.

The International Temple of Satan recognizes Satan as the giver of knowledge and a respecter of free will. If Satan stands for anything, He stands for freedom from being under the slavery of anyone or anything. We encourage our members, in their discussion with others who may disagree with our beliefs, to be respectful and confident, but not arrogant. After all, this is how our Father operates, and as His disciples, it’s our honor to do the same.


Satan and Yahweh as Polarities

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When one thinks about the characters of Satan and Yahweh, he or she must come to the conclusion that they exists as they are precisely because they exist as polarities to one another. Satan is who He is because He exists in opposition to Yahweh. Yahweh is who he is because he exists in opposition to Satan. If the polarity between these two deities did not exist, they would be different deities than they currently are. To me, this is one of the strongest arguments in favor of theistic Satanism over symbolic/modern Satanism.

Our everyday experience teaches us that these polarities exist. Engaging in spiritual disciplines such as meditation further prove that such polarities exist. It is not a question, then, of whether the polarities exist or not, but rather what the nature of these polarities is. One could say that the polarities are simply the way an impersonal Universe plays out its game, but this is not satisfactory for most. Considering the powerful nature, and the often unmistakable personal nature, of such polarities, many have come to accept that the polarities themselves must stem from personal beings.

If the polarities derive from personal beings, then it is only a small step to accepting the titles of “Yahweh” and “Satan” to represent these beings. The struggle between the polarities simply is for the time being. It is not a question of one over the other, but rather a question of one against the other. Theistic Satanists choose the Satanic polarity in opposition to the Yahwist polarity, believing in the eschatological victory of the Satanic polarity over the Yahwist polarity at the final battle. In the meantime, the polarities must be in opposition, and human beings must choose a side. Hail Satan!

The Temple’s Acceptance of GLBTQI Folk

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GLBTQI? For those unfamiliar with queer lingo, this litany of letters stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersexed. The International Temple of Satan gladly welcomes all true devotees of Satan to enter into the Temple membership and to expand our ever-increasing forces of Satan-consciousness around the world. Why is the Temple accepting of GLBTQI folk? On what theological foundation does this acceptance rest?

Most other religions turn a blind eye, or even worse, outright discriminate against those who identify as GLBTQI. Theistic Satanism, on the other hand, is based on the worship of deity who not only accepts physical pleasure as an ingredient of worship and attaining godhood, but actually encourages it. In contrast to the prudish prohibitions of Yahweh and his forces (designed to keep humanity in bondage – not the fun kind), our Lord Satan is the advocate of our libertarian freedom – in the mind, in the spirit, and in the flesh. It is because of Who we worship that we accept GLBTQI folk into the fold. He is the advocate of freedom, and so are we.

The point is this: if you love Satan, you’re welcome here. Hail Satan!

Praying to Satan

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One of my daily practices is offering prayers to Satan. I think there are two important factors to understand concerning prayer to Satan: (1) the nature of prayer, and (2) the expected results of prayer.

First, what is prayer? For me, in relation to Satan, prayer is dialogue/conversation. I pray to my Father because I love Him and respect Him, and I want to be in relationship with Him. In my experience, it is more akin to conversation than incantation. I usually do not follow written prayers, though they may be useful (especially if written by more experienced Satanists). I prefer, rather, to speak to Satan extemporaneously. This is more natural, more like a conversation.

Second, what do I expect when I pray to Satan? Prayers to Satan are not wish-lists to be fulfilled. Satan is not a cosmic Santa Claus. He is a god, and should be venerated as such. However, our Father is also “father-like.” That’s why we call Him Father. He wants to provide for His children. When I pray to Satan, I often begin by telling Him the extent of my love and devotion for Him. I clarify that I am His willing servant, offering my talents and services to fulfill His mission on Earth. In addition, though, I also request things I need or desire. As worshipers of our Father, we should not be afraid to do so. He is concerned with our well-being.

I sincerely believe every committed theistic Satanist should pray regularly to our Father. We can also pray to individual demons we have committed ourselves to. This is simply a way to consciously keep the lines of communication open, and to establish solid relationships with the gods we work with. Hail Satan!

Satan and the Glorified Body

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There have been questions concerning the nature of godhood and immortal existence as worshipers of Satan. What kind of divine existence does Satan have, and what kind of divine existence shall we have as “gods in process?” According to religious accounts of Satan (and his previous “incarnations” as a worshiped being), He possesses a body, and is not entirely a spiritual being. It is certain that we all are spiritual beings, but this does not preclude bodily existence.

Satan has a glorified body, meaning a body that will never die. He is able to manifest either materially or spiritually. In like manner, as those on the road to godhood, we shall also have glorified bodies. As gods, our material existence will mirror our physical existence, in a presence that is incapable of susceptibility to disease and death. This will not happen in this life, but as we progress towards divinity in the Way of Satan, we will become as He is, an everlasting deity with a glorified body, with the ability to manipulate said body to appear in various levels of materiality.

A Compendium of Multiple Demons

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Below, you will find a great website with information on Demons from all over the world. This is a very useful site for those considering dedicating themselves to a particular demon as an additional aspect of Satan worship.

Demons of the Americas

Demons of the Middle East and Asia

Demons of Europe

Demons of the Judeo-Christian Religion

Demons of Modern Magick

The International Temple of Satan recommends that the Satan worshiper take great care in invoking and dedicated the Self to a demon, and that the Satan worshiper always maintain worship of Satan as the primary deity of focus. Please see the guidelines for demon invocation in our Links section, or Google “OFS Demonolatry” for further information.

Bob Larson’s Anti-Satanist Money Racket

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Those in the Recreational Christianity hobby, who listen to live-call-in radio talk shows, should be familiar with good ol’ Bob Larson, who hosts a show called “Talk Back With Bob Larson”. Bob is a real piece of work. His favorite thing to rant about is “satanic rock music”, “ritual satanic abuse”, and the “whimpy” Christian ministries and organizations who refuse to deal with those subjects. He has a habit of hanging up on people who argue to effectively against his driveling, angry, diatribes.

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