Traditional Satanists vs. Symbolic Satanists

While we do not wish a feud among the varieties of Satanists, we are strong and steady in our conviction that symbolic Satanism (i.e. LaVeyan Satanism) is necessarily “half-baked” since it denies the reality of the very real, very powerful being behind Satanist worship. For us (and we believe, ontologically), Satan is just as real as the chair you’re sitting in or the car you drive. He is a spiritual being, yes, but he is real nonetheless.

We are know as traditional or theistic Satanists. We accept the Bible as our sacred scripture, not as it is commonly accepted by Christian or Jews, but in just the opposite way. We believe Satan is the protagonist of the Bible, not Yahweh or Jesus. Satan is the bearer of true light, the liberator of human spirits; Yahweh and Jesus imprison humans in a cesspool of guilt and imagined sin. We are divine beings, and the only way to recognize this divinity is in worship of the true Lord, Satan, not the imitators Yahweh or Jesus.

Hail Satan!


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