Why Worship Satan?

Some less traditionalist Satanists often have a problem with the word “worship” as it relates to our veneration of the Dark Lord, Satan. For them, worship seems to be a humiliating experience, akin to groveling and giving up of ego. For those who are true worshipers of the Dark Lord, however, this is a deep misunderstanding of the underpinnings of Satan worship. First, Lord Satan never requires that we give up our own selves to his lordship, or that we destroy our egos in the process of worshiping him. On the contrary, worship of Lord Satan requires that we become more egocentric, more individualistic, and more selfish. These are good things, contrary to common Judeo-Christian teachings. Second, worship of Lord Satan is done, not to mortify the self, but to give allegiance to the god of this world who is concerned with our own deification. Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus Christ are gods that want to keep us down. Satan, the light-bearer, is the god we worship because he is the god who want to lift us up to eternal divinization. Hail Satan!


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