Going, Going, Gone?

In the 1960s, with the “death of God” movement, many scholars and lay people thought the Christian Church was on its last leg, that it would die a well-deserved death before the end of the century. These people underestimated the power of the Christian god, and his desire for control of the world against the claims of our Lord, Satan. Christianity is alive and well. Perhaps not the mainline churches, but fundamentalist, die-hard Christianity is growing around the world, most notably in Asia, Africa and South America. Cursed be Yahweh and his followers!

Why do we exist – The International Temple of Satan and other theistic Satanists? Precisely because we side with Satan in this very real battle. Symbolic and modern Satanists do not understand the reality of this battle, and deride our literal belief in Satan. Their eyes will be opened eventually. In the meantime, we know who our enemies are, and we choose to fight on the side of the great Dark Lord, Satan. Yahweh’s religious deceptions are not gone from this Earth, and until they are, it is our duty and passion to rally against the Yahweh-based religions. Hail Satan!


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