The Mainstream Disinformation Machine

As I post on forums around the internet on theistic Satanism, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of disinformation that exists and persists concerning Satanism in general and theistic Satanism in particular. According to some of my discussion mates, Satanism requires “murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.” Much of the blame lies with the mainstream media, but Christian authors and evangelists, particularly anti-cult authors and evangelists, have been the main source of these lies. Theistic Satanism is not about evil. Certainly, it is discordian in nature, but theistic Satanism is about the eradication of evil (mostly caused by Yahweh and the divinities that follow him), the attainment of divine godhood, respect for all Selves, and adoration of Satan Himself, the god of freedom and light. If any divinity is the Father of Lies, it is Yahweh. Hail Satan!


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