Thoughts From a Graveyard

I had no idea I would have wireless access in the location where I planned to travel this weekend, but I brought my laptop along just in case. Thankfully, they do have wireless and I am able to post an experience I had tonight.

I am staying at a bed and breakfast in eastern New Brunswick with some friends of like mind, and there’s a wonderful, old graveyard in the few-acre lot next door. Some of the gravestones are from the late 19th century, and this being the hub Acadian culture, many of the tombstones are marked with French phrases and names.

There’s always a certain mystique about graveyards at night – something peaceful and calming. But this graveyard was all the more so. As we sat around some of the graves, chatting about our own lives and the past lives of those under us, we all simultaneously looked up to see a dark, shadow-like figure crossing under the light of the moon, which was quite bright. The figure, though not entirely human-shaped, was solid enough, and thick enough, not to be cloudiness. Besides, the clear outlines of a head, arms and legs were visible.

Whatever it was, we took it as another sign that our Lord watches over us. Though we are theistic Satanists, I would not say we are entirely mystical. We live in the reality of Satan’s presence just as we live in the other realities of our lives. What a comfort and encouragement it is to know that our Lord, Satan, watches over us. Hail Satan!


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