Satan and the Glorified Body

There have been questions concerning the nature of godhood and immortal existence as worshipers of Satan. What kind of divine existence does Satan have, and what kind of divine existence shall we have as “gods in process?” According to religious accounts of Satan (and his previous “incarnations” as a worshiped being), He possesses a body, and is not entirely a spiritual being. It is certain that we all are spiritual beings, but this does not preclude bodily existence.

Satan has a glorified body, meaning a body that will never die. He is able to manifest either materially or spiritually. In like manner, as those on the road to godhood, we shall also have glorified bodies. As gods, our material existence will mirror our physical existence, in a presence that is incapable of susceptibility to disease and death. This will not happen in this life, but as we progress towards divinity in the Way of Satan, we will become as He is, an everlasting deity with a glorified body, with the ability to manipulate said body to appear in various levels of materiality.


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