Praying to Satan

One of my daily practices is offering prayers to Satan. I think there are two important factors to understand concerning prayer to Satan: (1) the nature of prayer, and (2) the expected results of prayer.

First, what is prayer? For me, in relation to Satan, prayer is dialogue/conversation. I pray to my Father because I love Him and respect Him, and I want to be in relationship with Him. In my experience, it is more akin to conversation than incantation. I usually do not follow written prayers, though they may be useful (especially if written by more experienced Satanists). I prefer, rather, to speak to Satan extemporaneously. This is more natural, more like a conversation.

Second, what do I expect when I pray to Satan? Prayers to Satan are not wish-lists to be fulfilled. Satan is not a cosmic Santa Claus. He is a god, and should be venerated as such. However, our Father is also “father-like.” That’s why we call Him Father. He wants to provide for His children. When I pray to Satan, I often begin by telling Him the extent of my love and devotion for Him. I clarify that I am His willing servant, offering my talents and services to fulfill His mission on Earth. In addition, though, I also request things I need or desire. As worshipers of our Father, we should not be afraid to do so. He is concerned with our well-being.

I sincerely believe every committed theistic Satanist should pray regularly to our Father. We can also pray to individual demons we have committed ourselves to. This is simply a way to consciously keep the lines of communication open, and to establish solid relationships with the gods we work with. Hail Satan!

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