Satan and Yahweh as Polarities

When one thinks about the characters of Satan and Yahweh, he or she must come to the conclusion that they exists as they are precisely because they exist as polarities to one another. Satan is who He is because He exists in opposition to Yahweh. Yahweh is who he is because he exists in opposition to Satan. If the polarity between these two deities did not exist, they would be different deities than they currently are. To me, this is one of the strongest arguments in favor of theistic Satanism over symbolic/modern Satanism.

Our everyday experience teaches us that these polarities exist. Engaging in spiritual disciplines such as meditation further prove that such polarities exist. It is not a question, then, of whether the polarities exist or not, but rather what the nature of these polarities is. One could say that the polarities are simply the way an impersonal Universe plays out its game, but this is not satisfactory for most. Considering the powerful nature, and the often unmistakable personal nature, of such polarities, many have come to accept that the polarities themselves must stem from personal beings.

If the polarities derive from personal beings, then it is only a small step to accepting the titles of “Yahweh” and “Satan” to represent these beings. The struggle between the polarities simply is for the time being. It is not a question of one over the other, but rather a question of one against the other. Theistic Satanists choose the Satanic polarity in opposition to the Yahwist polarity, believing in the eschatological victory of the Satanic polarity over the Yahwist polarity at the final battle. In the meantime, the polarities must be in opposition, and human beings must choose a side. Hail Satan!


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