Confidence vs. Arrogance: A Theistic Satanist’s Perspective

Sometimes, during smoke breaks, I like to post about theistic Satanism on relevant forums. This is an interesting exercise, and, in addition, it’s a good way to get the word out about theistic Satanism. On some of the forums where I post, it is very interesting to run into other types of Satanists (mostly LaVeyan/symbolic) who spout more vitriolic rhetoric and dogma than many of the Christians I encounter. I do not wish to make generalizations about symbolic/modern Satanists, as I am sure there are theistic Satanists out there with the same issue, but it seems to me that the symbolic Satanists I encounter (1) hold to dogma more than most while claiming to be open-minded, and (2) exhibit arrogance rather than confidence.

Now, since I really have no problem with dogmatism if one truly believes they understand something and approach others in a respectful manner, my main issue with these forum posters is their arrogant way of approaching a conversation with those with whom they disagree. As I understand practical Satanic philosophy, self-confidence is certainly a virtue, but arrogance is a definite pitfall. There is a wide difference between each of these characteristics. Confidence means that one is sure of their beliefs, and is not really threatened by a challenge. Therefore, the tone of the conversation can be civil and productive. Arrogance means that one is threatened by another’s beliefs, and that the arrogant person does not respect the free will of the other person in a conversation.

The International Temple of Satan recognizes Satan as the giver of knowledge and a respecter of free will. If Satan stands for anything, He stands for freedom from being under the slavery of anyone or anything. We encourage our members, in their discussion with others who may disagree with our beliefs, to be respectful and confident, but not arrogant. After all, this is how our Father operates, and as His disciples, it’s our honor to do the same.


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