The International Temple of Satan is an initiatory, theistic, Satanic religious organization devoted to the worship of the very real being, Satan. There are many varieties of Satanism, and though we do not wish to belittle non-theistic varieties of Satanism, we strongly believe that symbolic Satanism alone misses the entire point of being a Satanist: offering devotion and worship to the one true Dark Lord.

We know there are many theistic Satanists out there who wish to join with a larger group of like-minded individuals. If you are a theistic Satanist, and wish to worship our Lord with others of like mind, we welcome you into this family. It is our desire that, as the Temple grows in membership, local congregations will form.

The structure of the International Temple of Satan is hierarchical. In the top leadership position, of course, sits the Dark Lord Satan. On Earth, the High Priest of ITS is P.D. Payne. As the Temple grows in membership and resources, the Temple will ordain local Satanic priests/priestesses and bishops in their respective geographical locations, for the work of Satan.

The International Temple of Satan does not discriminate in membership or leadership matters on the basis of race, national origin, gender, social status, economic status, or sexual orientation. All who love Lord Satan are welcome as members and leaders here.

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