Intentional Communities

The International Temple of Satan is a theistic Satanic religious organization dedicated to the spread of Satan-worship world-wide. In doing so, our goal is to make clear the true purpose and nature of Satanism, that it is a religion of light and human freedom, and that it is a positive force for personal and social change.

The International Temple of Satan believes in a personal deity, whose title is Satan, but who has manifested over history in many forms and under many names. Satan is the deity in charge of this Earth, and wars against other deities who wish to keep humanity in mental and spiritual bondage. We worship Satan not in a groveling way, but as those who understand that worship really means “to ascribe worth.” For us, Satan is worthy of our adoration and discipleship, and we freely offer our selves to Him.

Our communal goal as theistic Satanists is to gather a world-wide community of Satan-worshipers together in communal living spaces throughout the world. As membership grows, we will begin implementing plans for these communal living spaces, where we will gather our resources and energy in the Satanic endeavor. We plan to begin forming these communities in late 2012.

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