After reading the following information about membership, please see the bottom of this page for membership levels in ITS, and instructions on becoming an official member.

Membership is a tricky thing in any organization, and much more so in a religious organization. Should membership be free, or by being free, does membership become meaningless? What hoops must one jump through to become a members in a certain organization. Why even have formal membership? These are all good questions, and ones which ITS has thought long and hard about.

First, concerning cost. Membership itself should be free an open to all who agree with the direction, purpose and philosophy of a certain organization. In the case of ITS, all who sincerely desire to venerate our awesome Dark Lord are welcome to request membership at no initial cost. However, to express commitment and sincerity, there will be reading and writing assignments associated with the lay membership process to ensure the initiate is familiar with and in agreement with the purpose and mission of ITS.

Second, why have membership at all? Why not just be a bunch of loose-knit, unorganized devil-worshipers? The answer is simple, really. We, the International Temple of Satan, desire to be the world’s largest traditionalist Satanic denomination. We have no qualms in saying so. We are evangelistic, and we are serious about gaining followers for our Lord. A hierarchical organizational structure and rigid membership guidelines is the best way, we feel, to go about that mission efficiently.

There are four levels of membership in the International Temple of Satan, one for lay members of the Temple, and three for leadership of the Temple.


Supporting Member

Supporting members of ITS are those who request membership in the Temple, complete the required reading and writing assignments given by the High Priest of the Temple (all reading materials are free of charge), make a personal commitment to Satan and a demon they wish to be allied with (if already done, a report must be written and submitted to ITS headquarters), and agree to donate a certain amount each month (it does not matter how much or how little this amount may be, but it should be donated monthly from the “Donation” page of this website). During this level, initiates will be taught a specific meditative practice leading to recognition of innate divinity and awareness of the Self as a god. “For when they eat of the fruit of the tree, they will become like us…..”

For members too far from a physical congregation, initiation will be conducted by distance in league withe ITS headquarters. For those close enough to attend a physical meeting, initiation should be done within the physical congregation. The actual initiation ceremony (apart from the reading and writing assignments) includes an evocation of Satan, a blasphemous rite, and a dedication ritual to Satan.


International Temple of Satan Priest/Priestess

Those who are supporting members of ITS, and maintain regular tithes to the Temple (regular being defined as not having missed more than 3 months of tithing), are eligible to enter the Temple Seminary, a training program designed to instruct priests and priestesses in the methods and philosophy of theistic Satanic ministry. The program requires 1 year of intensive home study (all materials are provided free of charge), and culminates in ordination by the Temple for Satanic ministry and a Master of Satanic Ministry degree. Best of all, the program is entirely free of charge.


International Temple of Satan Bishop

Any priest or priestess of the International Temple of Satan may apply to become a bishop after 1 year of priestly service. An ITS bishop is responsible for the oversight of a region in the promotion of the International Temple of Satan. A region may be a city, a county, or a state/province depending on the population. The bishop will be responsible for reporting directly to ITS headquarters on the state of the ITS mission in his or her area.


To become a supporting member of the International Temple of Satan, simply contact us via the form on our “Contact” page, and express your interest in membership. We will respond within 24 hours with information on how to proceed. We welcome you on your journey as a worshiper of the great Lord Satan. Hail Satan!

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