Our Mission

The mission of the International Temple of Satan is simple really: to spread the worship of the Dark Lord Satan far and wide, with the hope that eventually, every single human will fall at the feet of the Dark Lord in worship of his awesome and mighty power. Satan is the true Lord of humanity, and it is our mission to worship him and make worshipers for him.

Everything we do is designed with this in mind. Members of ITS are encouraged to spread the truth of Satan’s rulership of the world, of his lordship, and of the freedom to be found in the worship of him. We share this good news with friends, with family members, with co-workers, with next door neighbors – basically, with any and all who will listen. We are not pushy, but we are certain of Satan’s lordship, and will not back down or cower when confronted with those who do not believe.

The goal of ITS is to have a physical ITS presence, in the form of a worshiping community or congregation, in every city around the world. This is a tremendously lofty goal, we realize, but we believe it is possible through the power of Satan. Join us and help us make this goal a reality. Hail Satan!

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