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Satan and Yahweh as Polarities

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When one thinks about the characters of Satan and Yahweh, he or she must come to the conclusion that they exists as they are precisely because they exist as polarities to one another. Satan is who He is because He exists in opposition to Yahweh. Yahweh is who he is because he exists in opposition to Satan. If the polarity between these two deities did not exist, they would be different deities than they currently are. To me, this is one of the strongest arguments in favor of theistic Satanism over symbolic/modern Satanism.

Our everyday experience teaches us that these polarities exist. Engaging in spiritual disciplines such as meditation further prove that such polarities exist. It is not a question, then, of whether the polarities exist or not, but rather what the nature of these polarities is. One could say that the polarities are simply the way an impersonal Universe plays out its game, but this is not satisfactory for most. Considering the powerful nature, and the often unmistakable personal nature, of such polarities, many have come to accept that the polarities themselves must stem from personal beings.

If the polarities derive from personal beings, then it is only a small step to accepting the titles of “Yahweh” and “Satan” to represent these beings. The struggle between the polarities simply is for the time being. It is not a question of one over the other, but rather a question of one against the other. Theistic Satanists choose the Satanic polarity in opposition to the Yahwist polarity, believing in the eschatological victory of the Satanic polarity over the Yahwist polarity at the final battle. In the meantime, the polarities must be in opposition, and human beings must choose a side. Hail Satan!


Thoughts From a Graveyard

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I had no idea I would have wireless access in the location where I planned to travel this weekend, but I brought my laptop along just in case. Thankfully, they do have wireless and I am able to post an experience I had tonight.

I am staying at a bed and breakfast in eastern New Brunswick with some friends of like mind, and there’s a wonderful, old graveyard in the few-acre lot next door. Some of the gravestones are from the late 19th century, and this being the hub Acadian culture, many of the tombstones are marked with French phrases and names.

There’s always a certain mystique about graveyards at night – something peaceful and calming. But this graveyard was all the more so. As we sat around some of the graves, chatting about our own lives and the past lives of those under us, we all simultaneously looked up to see a dark, shadow-like figure crossing under the light of the moon, which was quite bright. The figure, though not entirely human-shaped, was solid enough, and thick enough, not to be cloudiness. Besides, the clear outlines of a head, arms and legs were visible.

Whatever it was, we took it as another sign that our Lord watches over us. Though we are theistic Satanists, I would not say we are entirely mystical. We live in the reality of Satan’s presence just as we live in the other realities of our lives. What a comfort and encouragement it is to know that our Lord, Satan, watches over us. Hail Satan!

The Mainstream Disinformation Machine

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As I post on forums around the internet on theistic Satanism, I never cease to be amazed at the amount of disinformation that exists and persists concerning Satanism in general and theistic Satanism in particular. According to some of my discussion mates, Satanism requires “murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.” Much of the blame lies with the mainstream media, but Christian authors and evangelists, particularly anti-cult authors and evangelists, have been the main source of these lies. Theistic Satanism is not about evil. Certainly, it is discordian in nature, but theistic Satanism is about the eradication of evil (mostly caused by Yahweh and the divinities that follow him), the attainment of divine godhood, respect for all Selves, and adoration of Satan Himself, the god of freedom and light. If any divinity is the Father of Lies, it is Yahweh. Hail Satan!

2012 is the Beginning

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A lot of nonsense surrounds the year 2012. Some think Planet X will swing back around and destroy the Earth in one way or another. Others think mass enlightenment will occur on December 21, 2012. There are almost as many theories on 2012 as there are people who believe something Earth-changing is going to happen in that year.

2012 will not be the end, but the beginning of the end, and not of the World, but of certain systems in the World. In 2012, members of the International Temple of Satan around the world will begin gathering and living communally, pooling their Satanic energies and meditative methodology in order to put a final end to the Yahwist-led forces of human bondage: religiously, politically and economically.

2012 will be the beginning of the end for Yahweh and his followers, and the forces of Satan on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe will gain the upper hand in the war that has been raging for hundreds of thousands of years. This is a call for all theistic Satanists to unite, to work together for the next two years in building the forces of Satan on Earth in preparation for the beginning of the end. Hail Satan!

Gods Among Gods

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The International Temple of Satan is not a monotheistic religious organization. Many think that because we define Yahweh and Satan in opposition to one another, we are in some sense playing into the hands of monotheistic religion. This does not hold water, however, since elsewhere on this site, and in our initiation material, we clearly teach that there are many gods, and that even Yahweh and Satan pre-date Judaism. These gods are gods of old, the ancient ones. We are polytheistic, though we have chosen to worship the god we consider to be most powerful and worthy of worship: our Lord, Satan. Hail Satan!

Satan Is Not (Just) An Extraterrestrial

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One of the largest theistic Satanic organizations, which will remain unnamed here, worships Satan a real being, but considers him to be an alien. That religious organization combines Satanism with the strange, disproven theories of Zecharia Sitchin, who considers the ancient Sumerian Annunaki to be real beings. Perhaps they were, perhaps they were not. But Enki was not Satan. Satan may have been Enki, but He is more than Enki. He is a physical being, with the ability to manifest spiritually, but he is not merely an extraterrestrial! To say such a thing is blasphemous against Him, and the International Temple of Satan stands against such teaching. Hail Satan!

Don’t Turn That Cheek

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One of the most abhorrent, self-destructive commands to ever come out of the mouth of a religious teacher was, “If someone hits you on one cheek, turn the other.” This is suicidal, the opposite of life-giving, and utterly ridiculous. As members of the International Temple of Satan, we do not look for trouble, nor do we cause it, but we certainly do not run away from it. We hold our heads high as servants of Satan, and when attacked (usually verbally), we will return the favor. Hail Satan!