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A Compendium of Multiple Demons

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Below, you will find a great website with information on Demons from all over the world. This is a very useful site for those considering dedicating themselves to a particular demon as an additional aspect of Satan worship.

Demons of the Americas

Demons of the Middle East and Asia

Demons of Europe

Demons of the Judeo-Christian Religion

Demons of Modern Magick

The International Temple of Satan recommends that the Satan worshiper take great care in invoking and dedicated the Self to a demon, and that the Satan worshiper always maintain worship of Satan as the primary deity of focus. Please see the guidelines for demon invocation in our Links section, or Google “OFS Demonolatry” for further information.


Gods Among Gods

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The International Temple of Satan is not a monotheistic religious organization. Many think that because we define Yahweh and Satan in opposition to one another, we are in some sense playing into the hands of monotheistic religion. This does not hold water, however, since elsewhere on this site, and in our initiation material, we clearly teach that there are many gods, and that even Yahweh and Satan pre-date Judaism. These gods are gods of old, the ancient ones. We are polytheistic, though we have chosen to worship the god we consider to be most powerful and worthy of worship: our Lord, Satan. Hail Satan!

Sacrifice No More

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Sacrifice is not an ingredient of true theistic Satanism. Sacrifice = the killing of the Self, or part of the Self, or the Self of someone or something else. Satan never desires sacrifice. What our Dark Lord does desire is offering. An offering of the Self to devotion and allegiance to Satan is an action of Will, and therefore, an empowerment of the Self. It is not forced, but is done out of love for our great Lord, Satan. This is the fundamental difference between sacrifice and offering: one is forced, the other is freely given. Let us become worshipers of our great Lord, Satan, out of love for Him. And let us spread Satanism worldwide, not out of duty, but out of love for Him. Hail Satan!

Sex as Worship

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Our Dark Lord, Satan, desires our joy. He is not like the oppressive deity of Judaism/Christianity. Satan is a god of freedom, of ego growth, and of sensuality. One of the best ways to worship our Dark Lord is through bodily enjoyment. Gay, straight, bisexual, trans-sexual………all alone, one on one, threesomes or moresomes………top or bottom……..vanilla or kinky. It all goes when it is consensual. The pleasure of the body is the way to the spirit. Praise be to our great Lord, Satan. Hail Satan!

Why Worship Satan?

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Some less traditionalist Satanists often have a problem with the word “worship” as it relates to our veneration of the Dark Lord, Satan. For them, worship seems to be a humiliating experience, akin to groveling and giving up of ego. For those who are true worshipers of the Dark Lord, however, this is a deep misunderstanding of the underpinnings of Satan worship. First, Lord Satan never requires that we give up our own selves to his lordship, or that we destroy our egos in the process of worshiping him. On the contrary, worship of Lord Satan requires that we become more egocentric, more individualistic, and more selfish. These are good things, contrary to common Judeo-Christian teachings. Second, worship of Lord Satan is done, not to mortify the self, but to give allegiance to the god of this world who is concerned with our own deification. Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus Christ are gods that want to keep us down. Satan, the light-bearer, is the god we worship because he is the god who want to lift us up to eternal divinization. Hail Satan!

Welcome Satan Worshipers

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The International Temple of Satan is a traditional, theistic Satanist “church” dedicated to worshiping the Dark Lord, Satan, and communing with Him and His demons. We believe that Satan is a real, spiritual being, and that He is able to materialize at will. Unlike some other forms of Satanism, we do not believe that Satan is simply a symbol for human freedom/independence or the like, but that He is a very real, very powerful being Who deserves worship and praise.

We welcome all who truly adore Satan, our Dark Lord, and who desire to worship him and his legions. If you are interested in joining the International Temple of Satan, please research the information on this website in depth, and review the details for membership on the “Membership” page.

Hail Satan!