Theistic Satanist Resources

The resources listed here are mainly for theistic Satanists. Many of the resources are copyrights, and are for private use only. We do not charge for these resources, and we share them with you in confidence that you will not charge others for them. Some of the resources here are good for private Satanic worship; others are good for group Satanic worship.

Please be advised that not all of the resources listed here necessarily contain the views of the International Temple of Satan. What they do all have in common, though, is a belief in Satan as a real, powerful, spiritual being. The International Temple of Satan is a theistic Satanist organization, but it is eclectic, and it treasures the differences of opinion present within the theistic Satanist scene.

Take care when reading and using these materials. If you have any suggestions for other theistic Satanic resources we could add here, please let us know. Enjoy and Hail Satan!


The Book of Aiwass

Ater Votum

Basic Demonolatry Rituals

Demon Dictionary

Proper Demonolatry Invocation


The Demonic Bible

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